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As a Christ-centered, student oriented, and teacher-directed school, we want to help our students grow in their faith, academic excellence, skills, creativity, critical thinking, love-of-learning and character.

We believe that parents are the prime educator for their children. Therefore, we would like to partner with them as the Second Home in educating their children. We believe the Bible as Truth, God’s written word as the preeminent place in the life of our school.

Our Schools strive to be a Christ-centered, transformative and holistic for Kindergarten to grade 12 students. These are the core of our mission that we are trying to be consistent with in educating our students. 

  • Sekolah Dian Harapan adapts an enriched National Curriculum program built based on Christian Faith and Biblical Worldview. SDH is one of YPPH schools which Academic Program contains subjects taught mainly in two languages: English and Bahasa Indonesia. It is our goal to build SDH to be one of the best National schools in Indonesia, providing holistic education in which the students are developed spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually. In addition to that, we also provide bilingual education and good preparation for National Examinations at the end of grades 6, 9 and 12.

    Our facilities greatly vary depending on each campus location, starting from the indoor Computer Lab to Soccer Fields and Gymnasium. We welcome you to visit our unique campuses and witness for yourself the great opportunities for students to engage in a Holistic Education and develop their talents in various ways with our provided facilities.

  • Sekolah Dian Harapan with its Vision and Mission and Christ-centered curriculum recognize that education and growth towards wisdom is a never ending journey and strive to develop graduates who: 

  • SDH teachers are Christians who are competent and experienced in teaching, and are expected to be role model for their students. SDH teachers engage in regular professional development programs administered by national and international people and groups. 


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