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Welcome to Palembang Harapan School. 

It is truly a great joy because of by God’s grace only, Palembang Harapan School could be operated on 2012. We are present to give impacts and positive contributions for the education at Palembang city, starting at Kindergarten, Junior and Senior School. 

We believe that every student who is given by God is unique. Therefore we are present with a concept of holistic education, where education is focused not only on cognitive area, but also in many areas that equip the students with education that sharpens all aspects of their abilities. 

National curriculum which has been developed with integration concept between course subjects is the excellence of our curriculum system. The students are able to find that every lesson subject does not stand alone but integrates to one another. 

By the good means and facilities that support teaching and learning process, we believe that the students will get the different and unique sensation of learning experience at Palembang Harapan School. 

Come and join us with Palembang Harapan School to build a young generation who glorify God. 

Hans Deny

Kompleks Lumban Tirta Sport & Convention Center  
Jl. POM IX Kampus, Ilir Barat I Palembang (30137) 
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