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School Theme

The annual school theme is a theme that unites the entire school activities and teaching and learning process toward an aspect in school’s vision and mission.

School annual theme follows the 7-year cycle:

  • First Cycle (Siklus Tahun Pertama): True Knowledge
  • Second Cycle (Siklus Tahun Kedua): Faith in Christ
  • Third Cycle (Siklus Tahun Ketiga): Godly Character
  • Fourth Cycle (Siklus Tahun Keempat): Preeminence of Christ
  • Fifth Cycle (Siklus Tahun Kelima): Redemptive Restoration
  • Sixth Cycle (Siklus Tahun Keenam): Holistic Education
  • Seventh Cycle (Siklus Tahun Ketujuh): School as a Second Home

After completing the cycle, then the focus of the school theme will repeat the cycle of the first year.

This school year 2017/18 we enter the 6th cycle focusing on Holistic Education with a theme:


…In whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge" (Col 2:3)

Philosophy behind the Logo

Dian Harapan's School Theme Logo


Gold represents the glorious God

White represents the sacred and pure knowledge

Purple is the sign of the glory of God or it symbolizes the King.


The shape resembles a book and a lamp.

The book symbolizes the Word of God as a source of wisdom and truth that is believed and practiced in school.

A golden flame represents a glorious God illuminating every human thought.


Refael SLH Curug Kelas 12

How is the school theme reflected within all of SDH schools?

  • In Personal Life, every educator (teacher and staff) understand and comprehend all things in their life have to be oriented to the glory of Christ alone.
  • In Community, Christ has to be present in redemptive relationship (full of love and forgiveness)
  • In Learning Process, teaching and learning process has to be a process where we put an effort so that the students look at each of subjects areas as a part of God’s truth. This will bring students to adore God in their life.
  • In Community Service (Mission Service Learning) reach out all aspects, all groups, all society. A service that focuses on spreading the good news, empowering the people and creating social justice.

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