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Open House 1 SDH Kupang


Yeaayyy...... Praise be to God that we are counting down the time for SDH Kupang Open House Program or Open Admission for academic year 2019/2020.
This program will be held on January 31st 2019, from 8 am to 1 pm. Parents and students are invited to join this program. There are many activities to join, such as:
SCHOOL TOURING, the participants will know more about SDH Kupang by visiting classes, looking around school facilties, and of course it will be guided by SDH students.
CURRICULUM PRESENTATION, the participants will understand about SDH Kupang curriculum and the integration with the Bible, elective program, and also SDH Kupang annual program clearly.
FINANCE PRESENTATION, Parents and students who are interested to join SDH Kupang can also get the information about SDH Kupang Financing. Ask everything about finance and our staff will gladly help you!
BAZAAR, Don’t miss it, because you’ll get many food to buy. This Bazaar will be managed by the students and of course you’ll get the special prize!
EDUCATION EXHIBITION, This one is the most interesting part, because the students will explain what they have learn at school through exhibition. Some of them are reading and writing exhibition, science experience and also performances from the students. It will be fun!
KINDY GROW TALENTS, This last one is special for our kindy students. The students will show their talents such as singing, dancing, etc. Children who come can also join these activities, and of course there are many interesting games. Besides, they can join kindy photo contest by photo with hashtag #welcome2SDHKupang.

It seems really fun and interesting, right?
Save the date, cause we are waiting for you!
See you in Open House Day!

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