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SDH Christmas “Precious Gift Than Gold”

Bangka Posted on 20 Dec, 2017

Sekolah Dian Harapan provides a holistic transformative Christian education for students from Kindergarten to Grade Twelve.

During Christmas celebration in SDH, there were caroling by all students started on December 4th – 13th. The caroling held in SDH Lobby in the morning at 6.45 am and the afternoon at 2.50 pm. Every class participated on this event start from K1 – XI . Otherwise, SDH Choir team also did caroling at Siloam Hospital on December 9th at 11 am – 12 pm and in Hypermart at 7 pm – 8 pm at the same day.

Christmas service in SDH Bangka for kindergarten and primary students was held on December 11th, 2017, and for senior students on December 12th, 2017. The service led by students and a pastor from Palembang, Hartono Tusin. He is also a counselor. Christmas service theme was “precious gift than gold”.

SDH Bangka Christmas celebration held on December 12th, 2017 at 6.30 pm in Gereja Persekutuan Kristen (GEPEKRIS) PangkalPinang. This event are attended by all of school members from teachers, students, staffs and all parents.

In this celebration all students involved as performers in flash mob, singing, percussion and also drama that told about how important was love as a basic of the unity of family in the middle of this broken earth.

This event followed by candle service led by grade 2 and also all teachers’ performances. Christmas celebration event ended by singing together and greeting one another.

One of many events on this Christmas celebration was gift exchange between students and teachers. Beside that, students also made a craft for other people who live around SDH. The purpose of this event was to give an opportunity to students to be a blessing for others.

SDH also gave a seminar with theme “preventing sex abuse” to students and parents about how to take care of sensitive part of body which usually become a target of sexual abuse, such as chest, buttock, genital. The seminar was also led by Bapak Hartono from Palembang. He is a pastor in local church and also known as an ex-counselor in Sekolah Palembang Harapan.

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