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Bangka Posted on 15 Feb, 2018

Sekolah Dian Harapan provides a holistic transformative Christian education for students from Kindergarten to Grade Twelve.

Grade 1 students is learning about weather (sunny, windy, rainy, cloudy and snowy). In every weather, people will do different activities. 

Today was a sunny day. It was very hot. So, we played watergun and we ate ice-cream. Yes….the ice-cream was so yummy!

Blow…blow…it was windy day. We made windmill and paper plane. It can fly so high because the wind is so strong. It was fun!

Rain..rain..go away come again another day. It was rainy day. We would not get wet because we wore an umbrella, boots and raincoat. How was it? We looked so cute wearing those things.

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