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Extracurricular Writting

Cikarang Posted on 22 Aug, 2017

Extracurricular is a non-formal learning activity conducted by school or university students


These activities exist at every level of education from elementary school to university. Extracurricular activities are intended to enable students to develop their personality, talents, and abilities in areas beyond the academic field. The activity of this extracurricular itself can take the form of activities in the arts, sports, personality development, and other activities aimed positively for the progress of the students themselves.

As followed by Donny Candra and Calvin Susanto in etrakurikuler writting produce a positive value. The writing of these two students is published in website and the two students' writing becomes the editor's choice at

Donny Chandra's article entitled: (Art)i Sebuah Sebuah Seni that art is everywhere. From small things can be a work of art. While Calvin Susanto's writings entitled: Mengulik Kisah Inspirasi, revealed God created human and earth and all its contents in such a way that everything is beautiful if we can manage and use it well. How can we make use of it?

Further reading can be read at the following link:

1. Donny Chandra "(Art)I Sebuah Sebuah Seni" 2. Calvin Susanto "mengulik Kisah Inspirasi"

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