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Independence Day Celebration 2017

Cikarang Posted on 23 Aug, 2017

grade 1-6 students held the Independence Day Celebration at school


On Monday, 21 August 2017, grade 1-6 students held the Independence Day Celebration at school. As written in School Profile number 21, which was promote a healthy pride in Indonesian identity, history, language and diverse cultures and their significance, the students were asked to celebrate the Independence Day through various activities. 


Started with praying, the students then gathered in soccer field to pray for the nation together with the teachers. Then, we fled the white dove as a symbol of hope that our Father in Heaven will take care our nation well. Then the students joined many activities which were prepared by the committee. 

The activities were tarik tambang, balap karung, lari bendera, balap kelereng, spell the text of Pancasila, draw comic, and coloring. The goal of these activities is to build nationalism and learn to work cooperatively among students. 

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