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Cikarang Posted on 3 Nov, 2017

Sekolah Dian Harapan provides a holistic transformative Christian education for students from Kindergarten to Grade Twelve.


On 23-27 October, grade 11 students visited Pangalengan, Bandung to share God’s tenderness and enhance their emphaty towards people they met there.

Being a part of a family, the students experienced the warmth, touched the hearts, and witnessed the beauty of modesty. Also, the villagers’ life had impressed them to posses the life value of working hard and perseverance. By doing 3 primary activities: teaching Grade 1-6 students in SDH Riunggunung, holding a bazaar for people in Kampung Laspada and Riunggunung, and conducting art performances, they took their time, enjoyed, and acted Christ’s love. That was what we, a Christian school, expected them to be.

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