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100th day of God’s Goodness in School

Holland Village Posted on 19 Jan, 2018

in our daily lives we can always feel and enjoy God's grace and the faithfulness.


In our daily lives we can always feel and enjoy God's grace and the faithfulness. and that is what the kindergarten students of Sekolah Dian Harapan Holland Village also feel. As time passed by, it's been 100 days for them to be in school. Much has been done since the first day of school, from cries and fears, to laughter and trust that continues to grow day after day.

Throughout the learning process that goes through, many developments that can be seen and felt by the teachers, students and the parents in terms of cognitive, affective and psychomotor. Surely this growth is solely simply because of the grace and the goodness of God which enables the children to learn and have true knowledge in Him, to grow their faith in Christ and to bear the fruit of Godly character.

As a respond to God's goodness, the kindergarten of SDH Holland Village Manado celebrate it with a series of 100th Day of School events which was held for two days, Thursday, January 11, 2018 and Friday, January 12, 2018. On the first day, the students shared 100 biscuits to the school community ranging from students, teachers, staff, security guards, and cleaning service. It was an expressed as a form of thanksgiving and sharing the joy that God has accompanied us for 100 days at school. This event was very welcomed by every citizen of the school.


Then at the culminating event on Friday, parents were also invited to participate in celebrating and watching this event. The event was divided into two sessions, which K3 class in the morning at 07.00-09.00 WITA and two sessions at 09.30-11.30 WITA for class K1 and K2. In this second day's event, the children came in a costume that was decorated with 100 objects. 


The event was started with a brief fellowship that tells about God's faithfulness in accompanying humans since the day of creation to the present. The students also gave praises through songs that they sung with their classmates. And finally, they were given the opportunity to show the costumes they wore through a fashion show. The event went well and smoothly. Hopefully, through this event the teachers, students and parents can continue to always enjoy and be grateful for the blessing that God has given.

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