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Class Parents Representative (CPR)

Holland Village Posted on 2 Nov, 2018

Praise the Lord Jesus who has given SDH Holland Village Manado an opportunity to organize Class Parents’ Representative (CPR) meeting for elementary level.


Praise the Lord Jesus who has given SDH Holland Village Manado an opportunity to organize Class Parents’ Representative (CPR) meeting for elementary level. This is the first time for SDH Holland Village Manado to have CPR in three years of its existence.


The members of CPR has gone through some processes. All parents have been given a letter from school to be involved in CPR. Most parents welcomed this letter well by giving back a confirmation form to confirm their willingness. After that, all homeroom teachers are entrusted to choose three parents for each class. All parents who have been chosen were given an invitation letter from school to attend the first meeting of CPR.


This first meeting was held on Thursday, October 25, 2018. Most parents who have been invited were present in this meeting, together with the Head of School, the Principal, and the Curriculum Coordinators / Teacher Trainers. This meeting was begun with an opening prayer led by the Principal (Bapak Deny Sinaga). After that, the Head of School (Bapak Heinz Wokas) gave greetings. He explained the reasons of the forming of CPR, from the reality of the development in this world where robots are preferred to be used in job world more than human beings, until the values that SDH believes. One of those values is the second point of SDH profile, “Recognize and honor parents as the prime educators of their children.” Bapak Heinz also explained that SDH believes that school is a learning community where both teachers and parents need to have the shared values in educating the children, so that they will be able to hold on what is true.


The meeting was continued with introduction from all participants. Every person was being asked to explain the role they play in social interaction (work environment, friendship, organization, etc) in two sentences in maximum. Through this introduction activity, it can be concluded that most parents have a big leadership skill but also are good listeners.


After recognizing each other, Bapak Deny explained about CPR in detail. He also explained the main structure of CPR that consists of coordinator, vice coordinator, secretary, and treasurer. He also made sure that every parent who were present understood that CPR is not an exclusive community of parents. It is hoped that CPR will become an effective mediator between all parents and school. After that, Bapak Deny gave an opportunity for parents to volunteer to be in the main structure. Praise the Lord that He enabled four parents to be willing to be in the main structure of CPR, with the detail below:

Coordinator : Ibu Nadya Halim

Vice Coordinator : Ibu Deysi Tambuwun

Secretary : Ibu Sicilia Kumaat

Treasurer : Ibu Tatsani Tungka


The inauguration was held right after that. Bapak Heinz gave a certificate for each parent above.

Some programs were being discussed in this first meeting for the sustainability of CPR for this academic year. So far, there will be two programs in this academic year. They are Monthly Meeting that will be held on Friday biweekly and Parents in Prayer that will be held every Tuesday.


In Monthly Meeting, there will be discussions about the current issues and its solution, and also about school events. This program can be attended by school leaders and CPR members only. In Parents in Prayer, all parents who are and are not CPR members may attend this. This program contains praise singing, prayer request sharing, and praying.


This meeting was ended with a closing prayer led by Bapak Deny and taking pictures together. May Lord Jesus keep sustaining SDH Holland Village and CPR in this academic year and so on so the relationship between school and parents can grow deeper and better day by day for His glory.

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