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Earthquake drill

Holland Village Posted on 16 Mar, 2018

Safety is the priceless insurance.


Responding to the fact that Manado city often experiences earthquake, so SDH HV thinks that it is necessary to do simulations, starting when the earthquake takes place until the evacuation process.


On Wednesday, February 28, 2018, SDH HV organized its first earth quake simulation. Because it is the first simulation ever, so this simulation was informed to the school citizens. The simulation started when the alarm rang. At once, the school citized did the procedure, drop, cover and hold.


After that, the signs to move and do evacuation were signaled. All the students lined up at the corridor and the homeroom teachers checked the students by checking their attendance list or count their number. Next, the people were then pointed to the assembly point using emergency stairs.

All the students were ready for this simulation. With a fast move, they grab some tools that can be used to protect themselves from (reruntuhan bangunan). Besides, the students from the senior department showed their seriousness in doing the simulation by simply following the procedures and asking what they need to do when worst situations take place.

After the simulation, the people then were led back to their classroom or to other activities

The Head of School, Bapak Heinz Wokas, hopes that through this simulation, the school citizens may realize the importance this kind of practice to prepare themselves mentally and physically when the earthquake takes place.

This first simulation will definitely be the evaluation materials for the upcoming simulations with a hope that the school citizens will be more prepared and responsive when the earth quake takes place.

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