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God’s Wisdom in the Humility of Christ

Holland Village Posted on 15 May, 2018

Passover is an important moment in Christianity. Passover comes from the Hebrew namely ‘pesakh’ in English is Passover.


Passover is an important moment in Christianity. Passover comes from the Hebrew namely ‘pesakh’ in English is Passover. This word is pointed to the event when God passed or saved the firstborn of the Israelites when God destroyed all the Egyptians firstborn (Exodus 12:27; 13:15). Passover is pointed to the presence of Christ that will bring us through or pass the curse of sin so, we do not experienced the curse of sin.

Sekolah Dian Harapan Holland Village celebrates the Passover in 2018 with the theme "God's Wisdom in the Humility of Christ" (Philippians 2:5-7). Hopefully that through this Passover celebration this year all the students, teachers, staffs and everyone in Sekolah Dian Harapan Holland Village able to be thankful for God’s redemption, living out the victory of Christ in their life and witnessing the victory of Christ through daily life. 


This event begins with morning devotion about the story of the Creation of Man to the Redemption done by Jesus Christ Himself. The Peak of this event took place on April 6th for kindergarten students and April 9th for Elementary grade 1 – 6. At this peak of this event the students followed the chapel with solemnity and continued with some activities that are related to the theme of this year’s Passover. Students are invited to write a prayer of thanksgiving for God’s love and His wisdom that has saved us from sin. This is done as a response to every God’s word they heard during the morning devotion for 5 days as well as students’ chapel. 


In addition, kindergarten students decorated and shared the verses of God's Word to the teachers, staffs, cleaning services, securities and canteen keepers. Students in grade 1-3 also decorated verses of God’s word and shared them to their junior and senior high school students. They also simply explained the humility of Christ through the cards they made as witness and thanksgiving for God has revealed His love and wisdom by humbling Himself and making us precious. 


The next activity that students made and used become a place to write their reflections is making a craft called "footprints and basin". In the basin is written the verse of God’s word from John 13:15, then on the left footprint the students write down what they learned from Passover in this year and their right footprint to write down about the things that they will do in following Jesus' humility. Grade 4 – 6 made their own footprint as their commitment in following Jesus’ humility. 


As a response of the children in following this Passover series, the students of grade 3-6 make testimony boxes containing reflection and evaluation to themselves. Then they shared their real testimony of their lives to their friends using the testimony box. 

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