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Holland Village Posted on 22 Jul, 2017



The 2017-2018 school year is an exciting year for SDH Holland Village community. This is because SDH Holland Village has just welcomed new teacher and staff members. These new teachers and staffs came from various backgrounds. Some are fresh UPH-graduates and some are from Manado.

In welcoming these new community members, SDH Holland Village held a New Teachers Induction as of the mediums/means to introduce the school vision and mission, values, culture, and work environment. Aside from that, SDH HV also held a Returning Teachers __ to welcome back existing teachers after a month of enjoying their holiday.

The first day was started with having a fellowship together. This was then followed by sessions given to prepare teachers in welcoming students for the first day of school. In that one-week of work, each teacher was given the chance to decorate each of their classes so that the students will be able to experience a welcoming school atmosphere. Also, the students are ready to journey in the upcoming school year.

SDH HV hopes that in the growth of the school community, be it teachers or staff, a Shallom community would be developed in serving together in the school ministry.

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