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PD Day SDH Ranotana and SDH Holland Village, Manado

Holland Village Posted on 22 Apr, 2017

PD Day SDH Ranotana dan Holland Village, Manado on 27 – 28 Februari 2017

A maximum effort leads to an excellent result. Of course, a maximum effort acquired of a high professionalism. Professionalism related to skillful. A chef is able to produce such a special dish after practicing after a period of time. This situation applies to a teacher as well. For that reason, it is important to keep on doing self- improvement to every teacher who works under the Yayasan Pelita Harapan, through Professional Development Day.
The big theme that was discussed was assessment. How is a teacher able to assess those three different areas: Cognitive, Skill, and Application? Mr. Karl Millsom who led the sessions, hopes that every assessment that will be applied drives the students to apply it in their life. It requires the teachers to improve their ability to do an authentic assessment for students with a hope that the students are able to apply what they study in the classroom to enjoy, explore as well as solve problems in their daily lives. 

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