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Pekan Nusantara: Culmination Night

Holland Village Posted on 5 Nov, 2018

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The Senior Department of SDH Holland Village Manado had the pleasure of closing the month of October in a remarkable way. The culmination night of one of the most anticipated annual events of this school, called Pekan Nusantara was held on Wednesday, October 31, 2018. Pekan Nusantara itself is a cultural week event, where the students are encouraged to know the cultures of Indonesia as well as to grow their love and pride for the local heritage. The theme for this year’s Pekan Nusantara is “Kenali dan Cintai Sulawesi Utara sebagai Milik-Nya”, which literally means that the students are encouraged to know the culture of North Sulawesi and to love their homeland as manifestation of their gratitude.

Therefore, all of the activities throughout this year’s cultural week focuses on North Sulawesi’s culture and tradition. It turned out that many students were not familiar with some of the culture of North Sulawesi, despite of being born as local Minahasa descendants. Being introduced to some of the traditional dances, culinary, costumes, songs, weapons and tools had successfully arisen their curiosity and wonder. Some of them had admitted that they never seen it before, not even in their home.

The excitement was very clearly pictured as many teachers, parents, as well as students gathered in the school field to witness one of the events they had been looking forward to. This culmination night started on 5 pm, opened by the energetic performance of Nyong and Noni Kolintang Team. This group consisted of six people, with two of them being SDH students. As an opening act, they made it to attract people’s attention with three traditional songs that they played.

The event was then continued with the performance from grade 12 students. These final year students, both from the Science and Social class, had prepared their best to make sure that the audience would enjoy their time. The younger students seemed to support their seniors as they cheered from their seats. The audience’s enthusiasm, supported by all the lightings and sounds, had really built the joyful atmosphere in no time at all.

It was not long until it was time for the main part of this culmination night, which is the musical play of Toar and Lumimuut. A lot of students were involved in this play, and they were all taking their part very seriously. All the preparations and practices they did had turned out to be such a fruitful attempt. The performance of this play was exceptionally well, it is even fair to say that it was almost perfect. The audience could also follow the performance; not just the storyline, but also the ride of emotions that the play brought them in. This play was followed with the performance from grade 11 students who sang together as a choir.

Before long, the culmination night had come to an end. The audience were left still with the amazement and awe of all the performance that they just seen for two hours. The parents and teachers also left the spot with proud smiles on their faces, showing that they were satisfied not just with the performance, but especially with what their children had given. In spite of those satisfaction, the most important thing is that the students had the opportunity to experience and to love the culture of Minahasa.

The ultimate goal of holding this kind of event, however, is to bring the students to know God more deeply through His creation. The cultural wealth that we get to inherit up to this day is the proof of His faithful providence, especially over North Sulawesi from day one. By sustaining those heritage in truth, we celebrate the beauty and diversity that He has given to us. Therefore, the center is not the culture, not the region, not even the students, but His glory alone.  

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