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Holland Village Posted on 27 Mar, 2018

Reformation happens not only because there is a drive to be better.


Reformation happens not only because there is a drive to be better. However, reformation also happens because there is divine intervention in the course of human life. The same thing applies for church reformation, the culmination of which occurred in the year 1517, that it is the way the Lord keeps His church to continually be in the redemptive plan that has been made certain for eternity.


This year, SDH HV took part in the commemoration of the 500th year of church reformation where in this moment, the big family of SDH HV commemorated the greatness and omnipotence of God in leading the church fathers to the calling of their ministry. That is why the theme of this year's book week is Reformation: Act of Wisdom.


This event was held from February 19 to 23, 2018. The book that was promoted is entitled Marthin Luther by Paul L. Maier; a book that presents an interesting story about the journey of a church reformer, Martin Luther. The book helped each student to understand the history of reformation.


Not unlike the previous years, the series of book activities include: SSR, read aloud, reading buddy, book fair, and worship the peak of the celebration. During the sustained silent reading (SSR), a bell is used hymn instrument composed by Martin Luther entitled 'A Mighty Fortress'. This is interesting for the students since it is a song that is rarely known in this year of age. In addition, during read aloud activities, the main book, Martin Luther is read by every language teacher in class. And what is not less interesting is the reading buddy activity. This activity is a story-telling activity conducted by junior high and high school students to kindergarten and elementary students. Each senior department student will be paired with young junior department students to be read stories from each of the Biblical figures set by the committee, in which the characters’ experience might bring about transformation for themselves and the Lord's community. This is very important because through this event the students see that God can use anyone to bring each of His people back to the truth of the Bible.


The fifth day is the highlight of the book week celebration. The peak event was conducted with a series of worship with performance offerings of songs from each class that bless the audience and the group discussion after reflection. After the series of worship is done, each students continues the activity by completing watching Martin Luther's film in each class. And of course, at the end of this week's series of activities, each class will reflect a sermon that has been heard for a week. Every question in reflection brings the students to reflect on what has been heard about the wisdom reformation that leads to a positive change as well as to recapture the 5 Solas which is the pillar of the Christian faith from the time of reformation to the present.


Every activity is well done, unique, special, blessed and colorful. The book week has ended. However, the positive impact is the memories of experience, lessons learned, the auditory response to the history of Martin Luther, the 5 Solas being taught and much more that can be derived from this activity.


Let it be through this book week event that the citizens of SDH HV are brought to a transformation as a life cycle full of wisdom from the Lord Jesus Christ.

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