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Grade Level Orientation (GLO)

Kupang Posted on 9 Sep, 2019

Sekolah Dian Harapan provides a holistic transformative Christian education for students from Kindergarten to Grade Twelve.

To be an Educator is God’s nobel calling for every parent and every teacher. And to accomplish this Calling, parents and teachers need to work together. For this reason, SDH Kupang held GLO (Grade Level Orientation). GLO is an annual program where parents are invited to receive the information about school policies, and many other important things in order to educate the students according to school’s visions.

In this occasion, parents got an opportunity to go to their kids’ classes and got involved in arranging the classroom with the help from homeroom teachers. We believe this is important for parents to know to whom they entrust their kids. On the other hands, the homeroom teachers also would have a chance to communicate and to have the same thoughts and concerns in educating the children.

The enthusiasm from the parents can be seen through the percentage of parents’ attendance. We are really thankful that parents were willing to set aside a time to come and show how they care to their kid’s education in our school. We are also grateful that we can see positive hopes from the students who’ve been highly supported by their parents. We believe that GLO is the good start for parents and the school to work hand in hand in giving the best education for our kids and for the glory of God. 

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