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K3-Field Trip to Kantor Direktorat Lalu Lintas POLDA NTT

Kupang Posted on 2 Nov, 2018

Sekolah Dian Harapan provides a holistic transformative Christian education for students from Kindergarten to Grade Twelve.


In order to learn about raffic Sign, K3 students went to Kantor Kantor Direktorat Lalu Lintas POLDA NTT on Thursday, 27th of September 2018. They had so much fun there. They also learned to know Traffic Signs that can be used by anyone to keep safe while driving. This Fieldtrip became more exciting when the students went around Kota Kupang with Patrol Car. While driving, the police showed the students all traffic signs and told them all the meaning of that signs. Besides that, the police gave the students a duty to be little traffic polices while driving with family. This activity aims to help building students and their family’s awareness in obeying all the traffic regulations.


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