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SDH Kupang’s Independence Day 2017

Kupang Posted on 5 Sep, 2017

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Paskibra Team
Kindy Department

On Friday, August 18th, 2017, all the school leader, teachers, and staff of SDH Kupang were celebrate the 72th Independence Day of Indonesia. Firstly, the activity started with flag salute at 07.00 a.m. sharp in the basketball court. The participants were all teachers, staff, and all students from 3rd grade until 11th grade. For K1 – K3 students, the homeroom and the students started the event with chapel. The activity went well according to the plan. The theme of the event was “Sesungguhnya kemerdekaan itu ialah AnugrahNYA”. Mr. Grefer, as the Trustees of the flag salute also implied that in this event, all elements of SDH Kupang’s were invited to reflect the freedom that gained 72 years ago. The freedom for Indonesia is merely because the grace of God, our nation could achieve the victory against the colonizer. Through Christ, God bestows our heroes the patriotism and nationalism to struggled for Indonesia and sacrificed their life for the freedom. Therefore, as a freedom nation, the students were invited to be not afraid in expressing their thought, free from the slavery of laziness, free from the dishonorable actions that harming the environment. Importantly, students were free from sinfulness both action, free to not convince others, and trying to make others feel valuable. Those were the act of freedom which hopefully embraced from the students as the response for the grace of the freedom from God and the gratitude towards our heroes.


The activities continued with games related with togetherness which followed by all students from K1 up to 11th grade. There were about 10 posts which had different games such as, eating crackers, balloon relay race, guessing national anthem, and many more. The students were enthusiast while playing the games, it showed when they had to compete with another group under the heat of the sun. Before the activities end, students watched a movie about Indonesia and wrote their reflection as they finished the movie. The movie that played, taught the students to fulfill the independence of Indonesia with concrete action which are to study hard and attend school earnestly.



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