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The inauguration of students council 2017/2018

Kupang Posted on 21 Oct, 2017

The inauguration of students council 2017/2018

Last September 22th, in the flag salute, Students’ Council had inaugurated officially. The inaugurated students are expected to collaborate with school in order to develop better. In this council, the students are taught to be humble and role model for another students. School represented by the supervisor of students council hope that the students council can be blessings in school through Students’ Council’s activities or school annual events. 

These are testimonials about the inauguration:

“I am so thankful for this inauguration. I am officially being part of Students’ Council and entrusted so I commit to be responsible over all tasks given by head of division, and also appreciate every service and suggestions from other boards of Students’ Council also to respect them and the supervisor of Students’ Council. I wish I can learn to work in an organization and be a role model for my fellow friends. God has entrusted me this responsibility so I am thankful for this opportunity, and I lean on God’s guidance to accomplish it. (Prinsela Lovena, grade 8).

 “I feel so nervous because I know it will be challenging to have this responsibility yet when I’m taking the oath in front of Principal, teachers, and SDH students, I realize that I have to be ready becoming one of the board of SDH Students’ Council. After I am inaugurated I know I have to be responsible in becoming the role model for another students. I have to be careful with all my behavior so it can be appropriate with the school rules. I hope what I did can influence other students to do so. What I did hopefully can bring good reputation for school. After inaugurated, I commit to do the best to support SDH Kupang becoming the best choice for students in Kupang.

 This commitment should be applied not only by me but also by all of the member of SDH Students’ Council. As long as I am entrusted, I will work hard to apply school’s activities and work together in order to make it meaningful for all students. I will also do my best in all that I do, according to my oath, both in Students’ Council or daily activities at school. I hope in this academic year all boards and members of SDH Students’ Council can do the responsibility based on the function in each division appropriate with their program so we can spread the good works of Students’ Council. I hope in this year we will not only work with fellow board but also the supervisor, all teachers and staff so we can reach the purpose well. Students’ Council can do better with good intention and participation from all the students. I thank God for the opportunity and wisdom in the process of becoming board of Students’ Council. I believe that God will lead in doing every responsibility that He gave in SDH Students’ Council.” (Bryan, Grade 10)

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