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The result of interview with Department of Education Kupang-NTT

Kupang Posted on 20 Mar, 2018

The result of interview with Mr. Robby Ndun, S.Pd., MM. (The Head of Division Development for Kindergarten and Elementary School in Department of Education Kupang-NTT)

1. What do you know about Sekolah Dian Harapan Kupang?

SDH kupang is a school that is formed and builded by Yayasan Pelita Harapan which has operational lisence from the Government of Kupang city. SDH kupang is a school that has a play group, kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, and also senior high school. SDH Kupang is legal because what I said before tht it has operational lisence from Government and will as soon as possible, do the process of acreditation. SDH still wait for doing the acceditation because the process itself required a school to have at least a graduation class as it is based on the law of Indonesia’s Ministry of Education No. 19 year 2005. The other requirements are Standard of Content, Standard of Process, Standard of The Graduates’ Quality, Standard of The Education and Educational officers (teachers and staff), Standard of Tools and Infrastructures, Standard of Management, Standard of Defrayal, amd Standard of assessments.

2. What is the contribution of Sekolah Dian Harapan Kupang toward the education in Kupang?

SDH Kupang is unique and thus brings a new colour in the implmentation of education in Kupang, NTT (East Nusa Tenggara), even in Indonesia generally. Of course the students in Kupang are being taught and build to have additional value or quality not only academically but also in their character.

3. Sekolah Dian Harapan implements national curriculum and enriched with The Christian curriculum that is formatted by Yayasan Pendidikan Pelita Harapan. Sekolah Dian Harapan has its own curriculum framework. What do you think about that?

Basically based on the laws itself, national curriculum is allowed. There is also national curriculum which is explorated and developed from international curriculum. With that kind of combination, a school can make progress and up to date with the development of the era. Hopefully, the output and quality can go along the national, even international standard.

4. The Governemnet determined the regulation we have talked about before about accreditation, thus Sekolah Dian Harapan Kupang which just operated during 2 (two) years have not be accreditted yet so in the National Examination we have to entrust our students to the other school. What do you think about that?

As a head of division in Ministry of Education Kupang, in 2019 we do hope that Sekolah Dian Harapan has a generation of graduation. We from Ministry of Education gives priority to SDH Kupang to do accreditation next year. Because of that, the prearation of the process of accreditation must be started from this year. Then while waiting for the accreditation next year, there is a circular letter that makes it possible to a school which execute National Examination, its own Principal (the principal of the school who execute the National Examination) or the Principal who his/her students are entrusted to other school to follow the National Examination, can sign the the students’ certificate and SKHUN (Surat Keterangan Hasil Ujian Nasional/ The Statement Letter of National Examination Result).

5. To what extent the government support to the private school? Is there any difference between public and private school?

Municipal govenrnment of Kupang City really support the education who are held by both public or private foundation so there is no difference between both of them. Government has the same concern in coordinating the implementation of national curriculum, support the school management by giving training for education and educational officers (teachers and staff). Government also has the same concern toward tools and infrastructure to fulfil the government’s standard. For the educational officers (staff), government also gives training and educational program, beside that there is also training to upgrade the competence of the principal.

6. What is your expectation to SDH Kupang and applicants, both the parents and sudents, who want to study in SDH Kupang?

As a head of Division Development for Kindergarten and Elementary School in Department of Education Kupang-NTT, I hope SDH Kupang along with its manager and excecutive can please organize the school that can build education in Kupang as our expectation together. For the applicants, they can please enroll and follow the selection test. Because SDH Kupang has enrollment standard both nationally and internationally .

For parents who will send their children to SDH Kupang, they can please register because SDH Kupang is an extraordinary place to study which has been prepared by Yayasan Pendidikan Pelita Harapan (Pelita Harapan Educational foundation). It is expected that the students who study in SDH can develop the quality of of academic and have Godly character and it is based on their identity which is hold with God, as a Chrstian, it is The Lord Jesus Christ. It is character education which in line with SDH Kupang vision and mission. Thank you.

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