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Bulan Bahasa and Pekan Nusantara

Lippo Village Posted on 29 Mar, 2017

Bulan Bahasa dan Pekan Nusantara SDH Lippo Village


The Lord loves Indonesia and blesses her with a vast variety of tribes, languages, and cultures as the national heritage which should be preserved. The program activity “Bulan Bahasa & Pekan Nusantara” at SMP Dian Harapan Lippo Karawaci was held to introduce national culture and to make them proud of their own national heritage.


The students gave the appreciation to Indonesia’s national heritage by singing and dancing in traditional songs and dance performances from different parts of Indonesia. They also participated in storytelling competition, creating posters and 2D-3D display to promote provinces in Indonesia as well as playing traditional games.

All activities were integrated to the subjects they had learnt in a week and celebrated as a culminating day on Thursday, October 28th 2016, at the same day of the 88 of Youth Pledge Day.

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