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Home Concert and Subject Exhibition

Lippo Village Posted on 29 Mar, 2017

Home Concert and Subject Exhibition SDH Lippo Village


At the end of every semester, our school held a special event named ‘Home Concert and Subject Exhibition’ participatedby all students of grade 7, 8 and 9. In this event, they gave a music performance of their learning music throughout the semester. Very often, the performance turned out to be surprising since some students showed outstanding performances in the Home Concert. The parents were invited to enjoy the performance. They felt content and proud of their children after seeing their child’s on stage.

The purpose of this event is helping the students to have a positive self-confidence from their youth. It will be beneficial for their lives ahead. Above all, the students are expected to recognize that their talents come from the Lord and they must use them to honor Him.

The Subject Exhibition is an event to display our students’ works during 1 semester. The parents can see the exhibition right after the Home Concert ends.

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