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My Precious Identity: 1Timothy 4: 12

Lippo Village Posted on 13 Feb, 2018

Sekolah Dian Harapan provides a holistic transformative Christian education for students from Kindergarten to Grade Twelve.


My Precious Identity (1 Tim 4: 12) is the theme of grade 10th retreat which was held on January 24 – 26 at The Village Resort, Ciawi. We chose this theme for several reasons : 1) As teens, they need to discover their true identity. 2) Every teen has his/or her unique and special identity, differs from others. 3) As teens, they need to understand their beings in the sight of God. 4) As teens, they need to develop their capabilities for the glory of God, and 5) as teens, they have to submit and use their talents to glorify God

Based on those ideas, we let Student Council to take part in leading their fellow friends. They conducted some activities, such as team building, ice breaking, games, and worship leading. All of them were enthusiastic to participate in each sessions led by GSJA Bogor team who were well-supporting our students’ development. The testimonies of other teenagers who have all kinds of talents inspired our 10th graders.

As their teachers, we hope that every one of them finds peace with God and have a close relation with Him. They know their talents and use them to minister others in fulfilling God’s calling. We pray that God will use them to be servants in His Kingdom.

Never give up, youngsters, for your future is in your hand. God will not let His people fall when they strive for their best and lean on His leadership in their path of life. God bless you.

I finally know what it is like when Jesus is in my life (Vanessa Tjandra 10-IPS)

Placing our identity in Christ means no longer chasing the desires of flesh (Vanessa Odelia 10-IPS)

As a Christian, I learn that doing ministry is important. (Ribka 10-IPS)

As humans, each one of us is special and unique (Stefan 10-IPS)

I am sure that the Lord has good things for our future. (Steven 10-IPS)

I realize that each of us has a wonderful identity (Erwin 10-IPS)

We have to keep our identity because it’s one simple way for giving glory to God. (Tania 10IPS)

God never leaves us (Michelle 10-IPS)

We suppose not to see the world and take its offer rather we must look upon Jesus and His will in life (Nathan 10-IPS)

God has plan for every living person in this world (Amanda T. 10-IPA)

In the KKR services, I got a wake- up call that the teen’s life is fragile and easily corrupted by bad friendship. (Valencia 10-IPA)

This retreat provoke my spirit for doing ministry and reading the Word of God (V. Amanda 10-IPA)

We are all precious in God’s eyes. (Raphael 10-IPA)

I need to guard my tongue and stop saying bad and harsh words. (Gian 10-IPA)

We are living in the midst of corrupted world, therefore we need to be the model of faith among the believers. (Winston 10-IPA)

We have to have courage to refuse what the world offers. (Hyoun 10-IPA)

Never too late to repent. (Marvin 10-IPA)

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