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The Boys’ Brigade Program in SDH LV

Lippo Village Posted on 28 Oct, 2019

Sekolah Dian Harapan provides a holistic transformative Christian education for students from Kindergarten to Grade Twelve.

Independence and discipline are the characters needed to be instilled from the earliest period of the teenager’s life. Discipline is one important step to reinforce the effectiveness of learning and studying activities. Therefore, Dian Harapan School decided to collaborate with The Boys’ Brigade (BB) Indonesia, a Christian boys’ scout organization, signed an MOU on May 9th, 2019. SDH LV will become 17th Company of Jakarta 3rd District with Febri M. Mangunsong as the captain.

In the first year of BB, 110 students from grade 7 to 10 are joined as members, divided into 10 squads, led by 19 Officer Squads from the teachers. The initiation program is an internal camp, held on July 26-27, 2019, located in SDH LV. The activity was successfully done and the members were enthusiastic. Another program is weekly parade on Mondays, held in classes of BB Drill and Knowledge, led by the Officer Squad.

Through BB program, we hope that the good tradition learnt will equip SDH LV students with discipline, responsibility, and to become independent learners. We also hope that they will learn to be more mature, in order to have the character of Christ. In the future, they are ready to lead with good characters so that they bring honor to our heavenly Father. 

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