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Chinese New Year Celebration

Medan Posted on 16 May, 2018

We give thanks to God who gives us blessings in this Chinese New Year in SDH Medan.


We give thanks to God who gives us blessings in this Chinese New Year in SDH Medan.

Our theme for this year’s CNY (Chinese New Year) Celebration is ‘Blessings’ (福). It was on Tuesday, 20 February 2018. New Year celebrations has been an important event in our life. It is a moment to celebrate God’s blessings, give thanks for His goodness, and gain hope for the future. Usually, people celebrate Chinese New Year in the beginning of spring. In Chinese tradition, they are waiting for the visit of the God of Money (财神) to grant them success and wealth.

In this celebration, all of us has the chance to know more about Chinese cultures in celebrating New Year. It is also a good chance to know the real meaning of blessings (福) which comes from God.  


The real blessing is God’s blessing. Blessing is not only about health, money, or family. But also hope, love, and the saving grace of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.  


In our 2018 CNY Celebration, we have several events that the students followed through. The activities are listed below :

  • Storytelling

The students listened to the story of the CNY origins to understand more about blessings.

  • Making Cards

The students were making cards that would be given to their friends.

  • Games and Crafts

Students played some games that includes Chinese cultures on it, such as moving stuff using chopstick and peeling oranges. They also made a miniature of a dragon’s head using papers.

  • Sharing

The students learned to share with one another by giving cards which they made before and an orange to their friends. They did this as a response of God’s blessings to their life, they wanted to share it.  


All in all, through this opportunity we learned that the greatest blessings we can have is God’s blessings, which is the salvation in Christ Jesus. This blessing was not meant to be kept, but to be shared to others. So others might taste the sweetness of God’s love

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