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Our First Student-Led Conference

Medan Posted on 29 Mar, 2018

Praises and thanks to our Father in Heaven for our first SLC (Student Led Conference) in SDH Medan.


Praises and thanks to our Father in Heaven for our first SLC (Student Led Conference) in SDH Medan.


The students from Kindergarten up to Elementary two celebrated their learning by showing and presenting their works to their parents on Friday, March 23, 2018. As one of the stakeholders of the school, the parents are the first party that we report about the students’ achievements.

SLC is one of the ways that SDH uses to report the students’ achievement, which is usually held in the third term of the year. Students lead the parents by showing their progress, learning habits, and strengths and weaknesses at school.

The aims of SLC in SDH Medan this year are

  • for the parents to get better picture of what the students do at school by listening to their children and seeing students’ works;
  • to let the students own what they have learnt and
  • to give a chance for the students to show their responsibility to their parents
  • to set goals to be achieved for the rest of the academic year

The students were excited, yet a bit nervous in this SLC. They have prepared their portfolios (collection of works) and presentations for their parents for these two previous weeks. First, they asked their parents to tour around the class, then they showed their portfolios, presented about a subject of their choice, and did an activity with their parents.


The SLC is wrapped up with goal setting by the students after discussion with the parents. They can set strategies to reach the goals. Hope the students can achieve better performance for the rest of the academic year both in the academic as well as in their characters. With the support of God, family, and school, they must be ready for the last term of the year.


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