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BASARNAS and Roppan : Grade 6

Palembang Posted on 5 Jan, 2018

BASARNAS and Roppan : Grade 6 at Sekolah Palembang Harapan


The different culture, land forms and social economic characteristic that each island has is a reflection of Indonesia as an archipelago country. Grade 6 are learning about national features, natural phenomena and social economics are affected by its geographical location. Our school believe that learning process will not only be conducted in the classroom but through their surrounding as well. On Wednesday, November 29th 2017, grade 6 visited BASARNAS Palembang and Kampung Al-Munawar. The goal of this activity is students will be able to understand ways to prevent and how to apply some precautionary measures of the natural disaster. They are also observing how the natural features of an area will affect the social, economic, and cultural conditions of local communities. Hopefully this opportunity of learning will stay in their mind as the enduring understanding of life.

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