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Fieldtrip Grade 3 : Foodmart

Palembang Posted on 1 Nov, 2017

Field Trip Grade 3 Foodmart


Learning process is not only in the classroom but also can be outside the classroom. Learning outside the classroom can be through field trip activity, which is learning activities conducted outside the classroom but still correlates with the field of study. From the fieldtrip, students can apply the materials that they have learnt with the EU and EQ:

Enduring Understanding:

  • God gives man insight and understanding in the development of trading system for the good of the society.
  • The development of the trading system changes the society economic life.

Essential Questions:

  • How is the way people trade changing over time?
  • How does the trading system development impact the society?
  • How does the trading system that supports the social mercy look like?

The activity from the fieldtrip answered the Essential questions. Students also applied the learning by buying things according to their needs and wants based on the shopping plan that they have made. Students also learnt how to trade in the modern market; Foodmart and paid in the cashiers independently.

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