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Grade 2 Fieldtrip to Roppan

Palembang Posted on 7 Dec, 2017

Grade 2 Fieldtrip to Roppan at sekolah palembang harapan

By having field trip to Roppan, grade 2 students can have real experience in an effective and fun learning. In this field trip, the students went to Roppan. They listened to the explanation from Roppan’s Toast Maker and Barista about how to make the toast, choose the healthy topping, and make a drink. After that, they decorate their own toast using the provided toppings. Then, they would enjoy their own toast and brought some home to be shared with their own family members. In this field trip, they learned to identify which topping is healthy and which one is not. This thing helped them to be able to make balanced choices in their routines, including the food that they eat, so that they can have a healthy lifestyle.

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