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PaLs – Grade 1 and Grade 2 – 2017/2018

Palembang Posted on 18 Sep, 2017

PaLs - Grade 1 and Grade 2 - 2017/2018


Last week, parents of grade 1 and 2 students of Sekolah Palembang Harapan joined an event called Parents as Learners (PaLs). In this event, the school facilitated the parents to learn what their children are learning at school. For grade 1, the unit is about Number Bonds and for grade 2 the unit is about using models to solve addition and subtraction word problems. These are some approaching that we use in teaching Math since we believe that it is not only the result that is important but also the process. Through the process the kids learn to be faithful, persistence, patient and thorough. We hope this event can help parents in teaching their child about number bonds and using models at home. 

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