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SPH Bookweek

Palembang Posted on 18 Dec, 2017

SPH Bookweek at Sekolah Palembang Harapan


November 28th to December 5th, 2017, SPH had one school-wide event. The event was Book Week, one book for one whole school community. The theme for this Book Week was “Journey to the Center of the Earth”, which was taken from the same title book, a classic book from Jules Verne. Book Week was not only for the students, but every part of school community: teachers, staff, securities, cleaning and gardener were also joining the event. Book Week had one full week of activities to encourage reading habit. The activities included were ‘D.E.A.R.’ (Drop Everything And Read), Reading with Dad, Teacher Read Aloud, Students Reading Group, Movie Time, Character Day, and One Full Day Activity. For D.E.A.R. everyone had to stop any activity they were doing, picked up their chosen book, and read in the given time. ‘Reading with Dad’ was activity for grade K to Grade 2 where every dad was invited to school to read a book for their kid(s). ‘Teacher Read Aloud’ was for grade K to 6, while the upper grader was having ‘Students Reading Group’ (Gr7-12) where the theme book would be read. At the end of the week, event was closed by school-wide activities, from grade K to grade 12. We also had our Character Day on the same date, where students came to school in an adventurer theme costume and played a role as an adventurer and explored the whole school. Started at the fourth floor and ended at the gym at the first floor. Students had an awesome day filled with many fun challenges, solving some cases, finding hidden codes, making mini raft, and human sized board games. Despites all the fun and challenges activities in this year Book Week, school had ultimate purpose for students to grasp three understandings and hoped it will endure till a long time. First, God created amazing earth which comprises lots of things to be discovered. Second, God gave great potential to us for exploring this earth. Third, as the image of God, we are called to have dominion on our earth.

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