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#SPHFEST2017 “Count His Blessings”

Palembang Posted on 3 Oct, 2017

#sphfest2017 sekolah palembang harapan festival 2017


What an uncountable blessing God has graciously given to us, specifically to Sekolah Palembang Harapan for the past five years. SPHFest is the expression of our joy for God's blessing and guidance to our community.

We are grateful beyond words for all students and parents, supporting vendors, security team, cleaning service and all related parties that participating in SPHFest so that this event went well and smooth.

Let's catch a glimpse of how all students, parents , teachers, staff and visitors expressing their joy for the blessing of God that is reflected through a rousing SPHFest on September 29-30, 2017

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